So this morning, during my Sunday morning Insta-live, I was talking about setting small goals. This concept got me thinking and I figured it’s something I wanted to elaborate on. Everyone should have ultimate life goals which we strive for. In my opinion though, in order to achieve the ultimate goals, we need to set small goals, achieve those and move forward to the bigger ones. I am the kind of person who looks up at the ladder and if I don’t see the top of it, I find it hard to start climbing. So my method, is what I like to call the “First floor, Second Floor” method. My goal is to reach the tenth floor, whether in business or weight loss, home renovations or investments… In order to reach the tenth floor, I need to start with the first floor and then the second floor and keep going until I reach the tenth.

In life, there are always obstacles. Nobody reaches their first million dollars without struggles along the way. Nobody loses 50lbs without falling off the bandwagon first. You cannot reach the tenth floor before hitting the floors under it. Obstacles are not reasons to quit on your journey to the tenth floor. It’s just a setback. When analyzing the path towards your ultimate goal, and breaking it down into little goals, it allows you to focus on the prize while achieving the little goals that will get you there. With time, patience and perseverance you will reach the first floor, then the second, and ultimately whichever floor you decide is the rooftop terrace you long for.

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Annette Cohen