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What is a SHPEEZ? It is a word that describes anything that is obvious in a conversation, at any given moment. It can be a noun, a verb, or an adjective,... depending on the circumstance.

  • As you are looking at the floor and pointing to the toy, "Please pick up the shpeez from the floor"
  • "Ouch, my tooth hurts. I better call the shpeez and make an appointment first thing in the morning"
  • A bowl of apples sits on the counter, while mom is peeling the stickers off each one. Her child comes in and says:"Mom, why are you shpeezing off all the stickers?"
  • As you pinch the cute cheeks of your two year old:"Ahhh you're such a shpeez"
  • "I got this skirt at at 60% off with the discount I got from shpeez of the day!"
This word originated in the Dahan household. It is one of the many invented words in our family lingo. We invite you to use our lingo, and we will even compensate you from time to time with different shpeezes, so come back and read the shpeez of the day often enough so you don't miss out!
We will have special shpeezes in here. Some days it will be recipes, other days just a thought, or even incredible Esteez deals that will not be advertised anywhere else for very short periods of time!



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