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Snug fit? Relaxed fit? Sleeveless? Slinky? Cotton? What's the shpeez?

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In today's day and age, shells have become a staple in women's wardrobes. They are the 'basic essentials' of fashion. Worn by women of all walks of life, shells serve many different purposes.

Base-layering: There are many reasons to wear shells for base layering. Modesty purposes, protection from cold weather conditions, under scrubs,...

At Esteez, we found that a large part of our clientele were purchasing our shells in larger sizes in order to wear them as basic tops. To cater to our loyal customers, we decided to introduce a new item to our collection, and that is how the 'Relaxed fit' shells were born. Use the relaxed fit version as a plain, basic tee, with a skirt or a pair of jeans. 

The snug fit shells were the original ones, manufactured as a second skin, with the intention for base-layering. Use the snug fit shells to wear under your dresses, cardigans or vests.

The latest shell we have introduced, is our lightweight sleeveless shells. They are super comfy, made with our very own blend of Cotton and Spandex. Worn by many for base layering, and by others as plain sleeveless tees.

Please make sure to use our size charts when deciding which shell fit is the right one for you. The size chart is located on our product pages, and I will add it below as well.

So what's the difference between the slinky ones and the cotton ones? Well, they both are made of delicious fabrics, but they are so so different. No need to elaborate too much on the cotton ones, as that is quite obvious. The Esteez secret blend of Cotton and Spandex gives off a very soft and stretchy material. The 'slinky' shells are made of a silky fabric that is typically used for dressier outfits. It's a very thin fabric that will almost feel like you are not wearing anything at all. 

And that's the shpeez of the day!



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