Fashion tips for different body shapes

Inverted Triangle Shape:

  • Characteristics: Broader shoulders and bust, narrower hips and waist.
  • Recommended Skirt: A-line skirts, flared skirts, or skirts with details at the hem.
  • Why: A-line and flared skirts help balance out the proportions by adding volume at the hips. Details at the hem draw attention downward, creating a more even look.

Pear Shape:

  • Characteristics: Hips are wider than the bust, well-defined waist.
  • Recommended Skirt: A-line skirts or skirts with a slight flare.
  • Why: A-line skirts help balance the hips, drawing attention away from the lower body. Midi lengths work well to elongate the silhouette.


Rectangle Shape:

  • Characteristics: Hips, waist, and bust are similar in width.
  • Recommended Skirt: Pleated or layered skirts, and pencil skirts.
  • Why: Pleated or layered skirts add volume, creating the illusion of curves. Pencil skirts, if well-tailored, can also create the appearance of curves.

Apple Shape:

  • Characteristics: Wider upper body, broader shoulders, and a full midsection.
  • Recommended Skirt: Empire-waist or high-waisted skirts.
  • Why: These styles draw attention to the smallest part of the body (just below the bust) and flow away from the midsection, creating a more balanced look.

Hourglass Shape:

  • Characteristics: Well-defined waist, bust and hips are nearly equal in width.
  • Recommended Skirt: A high-waisted A-line or pencil skirt.
  • Why: These styles accentuate the small waist and highlight the curves without adding extra bulk.