Ponte, Ponte di Roma, PDR... What is this? 

Ponte di Roma is defined by The Textile Glossary as:  A fabric made in a double knit construction, usually produced in one color rather than color patterns. This plain fabric has an elastic quality with a slight horizontal line. ... The fabric looks the same on both sides. Weft knitted, interlock based, double jersey structure. 

Ok, so in English, please? Yeah,...keep reading!

PDR is the name of a fabric. It's a thick, double-knit fabric with two-way stretch. Why is two-way stretch so important? That's because it holds your curves (aka shmaltz, as it is known in some circles). Whether you are big or small, if you have anything to 'tuck in', this is the fabric you will want to wear. And for the lucky ladies who have nothing to 'hide', this skirt is a sure winner!

There are a few choices in PDR in the Esteez Collection that you may want to check out:

  • Houston: Simple, basic black pencil skirt
  • Charlotte: Basic pencil skirt with side elastic inserts for added tummy control
  • Madison: Chic black pencil skirt with faux leather elastic panels

And there you have it! That's the #shpeezoftheday

Annette Cohen