Welcome to Esteez

There is an old cliché that you are not supposed to mix business and pleasure, but the dynamic duo behind the Esteez brand proves this false.

Annette and Dov (aka Dayhan) are the co-founders of Esteez. They manage their business and personal life together as a team by recognizing the different strengths between them. By allowing each other to focus on those strengths, they are able to take ownership of the different tasks and perfect them. With over 30 years of combined experience in the fashion industry, their personal sense of style and creativity gives them the edge on the latest trends.

They work hard on research and development in order to provide the highest quality in fabrics and materials while keeping their costs low enough to offer the consumer high quality products at affordable prices.

Esteez has three operating locations. The Esteez Outlet operates out of Champlain NY, where the shipping and logistics of the outlet are handled. Esteez.com operates out of Malone NY, and Esteez Headquarters operates out of Montreal Canada, where the designing and plans are executed.

Started as a “t-shirt house” back in 2014, Esteez has evolved into a brand with a full line of modest fashion. The company prides itself on its expertise on high quality denim and essentials. 

Annette and Dov’s daily shenanigans can be seen on their Instagram account @esteezonline where they share random glimpses into their personal lives, their favorite recipes and their journey through life.  They are easy to reach through direct message and enjoy hearing from you!