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Discovering beautiful, modest skirts is no small feat!
At Esteez, we shared the frustration of many, where finding stylish and modest women's clothing seemed like a challenge. Too often, "modest" skirts fell into the realm of frumpy, outdated or uninspiring, sometimes even uncomfortable or ill-fitting.

Our mission is to provide a solution, offering a range of relaxed, on-trend, and high-quality pieces tailored for the everyday woman. Our tznius skirt outfits prioritize simplicity, carefully designed to accentuate confidence and individual style.

Whether you're seeking attire for work, special occasions, or everyday wear, we present an array of exciting and modest skirt outfit ideas and choices. From denim to cotton, flary to pencil, our collection boasts stylish and modest women's skirt options that promise both comfort and chic appeal.

Here are just a few of the women's skirt styles and outfits we offer:
• Diverse selection of denim skirt colors, lengths, and styles
• Knee-length and full-length skirt varieties
• Extensive array of patterns, colors, and styles, ensuring something for every preference.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our modest skirts:
"My go-to default outfit is a black jersey skirt, t-shirt, and sandals... it's surprising how difficult it is to find a comfortable, well made jersey skirt. This skirt is that."

"There is no shininess in the fabric. There is no see-through. It is a double layered so there is good cellulite coverage. It's not too heavy and not too light. The fabric keeps it's shape after an all-day wear. The waist band is comfortable. The length is perfect!"
"When I sit it doesn't ride up. I wear a size 16 and the XL fit perfectly."

"I have purchased dozens and dozens of skirts over the years and this is, by far, my favorite. I'm going to buy a dozen more and live a happy life."

You can also view our collection of office skirts, pencil skirts, A-line skirts, straight skirts.

Before completing your Esteez purchase of new modest skirts, we ask that you carefully measure yourself. Each skirt has a clear size chart and skirt length on the individual product pages.

Not sure which type of skirt suits you best? Click here and have a look at our fashion tips for different body shapes.

Of course, Annette is always available in Instagram DM @esteezonline and she is happy to answer questions about fit or style. She is the expert in helping you find the perfect outfit!