Welcome to the Esteez weekly Instagram Sunday Fanday giveaway! There is one lucky winner every week, who gets to choose one Esteez item of their choice! Who doesn't love free stuff???

Instagram has evolved, and in order to stick with their changes, we are changing the way to be entered into this giveaway. 

Here is how to enter:

  1. Upload a photo of yourself wearing an Esteez item onto your Insta-story.
  2. Tag @esteezonline and make sure to select our account so that we get notified when you do it.
  3. Use the hashtag #esteezsundayfanday in your story.
  4. You are confirmed as entered, when we re-post your story. (If you don't get a re-post it means that we did not get your entry, so please feel free to DM).


**A winner is picked every Sunday by random draw and is announced on our Instagram page. If you are shy, you may hide your face in the picture. Pictures of Esteez products that are not worn on a person will not be entered. Although we love seeing the different ways you style our products, you may send a picture of the same outfit from the week before if that's all you have. Please don't wait til Sunday to enter. You can enter any day of the week.

Thanks for entering, and GOOD LUCK!